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New Video Series By World Class BJJ Coach Babu Gasparelli Is Unsurpassed And Is The New Intelligent Way To Make Sizeable Improvements In Your Grappling Ability

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It’s not every day that you get to learn from the best of the best. But we’ve done all the leg work for you on this one!

We are about to give you THE SAME WORLD CLASS PROFESSIONAL BJJ INSTRUCTION THAT THE TOP LEVEL MMA ATHLETES GET – and you don’t even have to leave your own house!

You can’t find more reliable material than what is available on this set because this “Babu” guy is the real deal.

But don’t just take our word for it, other professional MMA fighters have said the same thing.

Meet Sergio "Babu" Gasparelli

Sergio “Babu” Gasparelli is a well known BJJ black belt, Judo black belt, and certified Luta Livre instructor.

Babu was one of the head BJJ coaches at the famous Academia Black House MMA in Brazil.

After that, he was invited by Murillo Bustamante to train the fighters at another equally famous gym, namely Brazilian Top Team.

Also, Babu has also worked in Florida with UFC great Rashad Evans.

Sergio “Babu” Gasparelli has been the BJJ “secret weapon” for many professional MMA fighters.

Babu has forgotten more jiu jitsu than most black belts even know. In fact, Babu’s knowledge is so extensive he could be rightly called “the black belt to other black belts”!

In Fact, Master Babu Is Widely Considered To Be

Whose Brain Is Full Of The Simplest And Coolest Moves!
minotauro nogueira

Minotauro Nogueira

Lyoto machida

Lyoto Machida

frank mir

Frank Mir

anderson silva

“The Spider” Anderson Silva

vitor belfort

Vitor Belfort

Here's What You'll Get

Summary Of What You Will Learn From The Babu BJJ Mastermind Set:

  • The “Babu” Armlock

    along with the little “leg tricks” that help control that bigger and stronger opponent

  • The Babu “Leg Trick”

    to prevent an opponent from standing up in your armlock

  • 2 Omoplata Variations

    Learn 2 ways to do the omoplata that attacks different parts of his body

  • Triangle Attacks, Tips, And How to Counter Common Counters!

  • “The Scoot Submission”

    a weird way to tap a guy out who tries to escape from your attack

  • The Nasty Calf Crush

    A cool & uncommon attack from half guard

  • The Arm Pass Choke

    Simple and effective…

  • The Leg Trap

    Crazy way to shut that guy down

  • The “Face Crush Choke”

    A good way to pin a guys arm across his own neck and cause him to submit

  • The Rack

    Perfect spot for tying a guy up and exposing him to either punches or submissions

  • Head Trap

    Yet another way to tie up a man and expose him to both punching and submission attacks

  • The Vise

    This is an easy to apply choke you can learn to use

  • The Surprise Heel Hook and Matching Kneebar

  • Arm Drag To Neck Wrench

    A great way to reverse a guy and land him right in to a rear naked choke!

  • The Sick Leglock Setup

    Babu is great with bizarre moves like these.

The Babu BJJ Mastermind Series Is A 12 DVD Set With Over 6 Hours Of Footage!

  • Arm Pass Guillotine

    We honestly don’t think most guys will see this one coming.

  • Head Control Counter

    This is a great way to prevent a guy from shutting down your half guard.

  • The Leg Pinch

    Simple but effective way to shut your opponent down

  • Weird Wristlock

    Babu is great with these unusual moves

  • The Leg Crush

    This one causes some serious pain!

  • The Hip Scoot

    Stop the opponent’s counter to your triangle

  • Crazy Armlock Combo

    a series of several subtle guard attacks that flow together very well

  • The “Tight Kimura”

    the tighter it is, the less chance the opponent has of escaping.

  • Armlock Counter To Side Control Escape

  • Armlock Counter To Side Control Escape 2

  • Brabo Counter To Side Control Escape

  • The Japanese Armlock

  • The Jumping Arm Triangle From Side Control

  • The Sneaky Knee Bar

  • The “No Escape Armlock”

  • The NS Kimura

    a slick kimura from north-south

  • Kneel and Bow

    surprise arm submission

  • The North South Guillotine

    (effective and rare) – a nice move from side control when he puts an arm under your hip

  • The “Laying Down Kimura”

    An unusual Kimura you can do without raising up

  • Locking Up A Puncher

    It’s important to know how to submit someone who is trying to “ground and pound” you.

  • The Anaconda Choke To Tap A Puncher

    Same thing here, someone tries to strike you on the ground and you wrap him up in an anaconda

  • Babu’s “American Lock” Defense

  • The “Whirlwind” to RNC – setup a rear naked choke

  • The No-Gi Wristlock – this strange move can really catch someone by surprise.

  • The Lockdown Armlock

  • The Surprise Guillotine

  • The Surprise Anaconda

  • The Slick North-South Guillotine

There's More Useful Information Crammed Intro These 12 Videos Than You'd Get In A Lifetime From A "Normal Gym"

  • The Babu Side Control Attack Series

  • Babu’s “Base” – establishing a solid hip and arm control

  • How to make the opponent block his own hand preventing escape

  • The Hitchiker Escape Counter

    Using your foot in a special way can prevent the opponent from escaping with this common method

  • The “Babu Anaconda” Secrets

    This is WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST and STRONGEST WAY to CRUSH A MAN with an arm triangle

  • Arm Triangle Setups, Finishes, and Re-Counters

  • Gi and Rear Naked Choke Tips

    (numerous chokes including a sick gi and arm choke)

  • The “Nino Schembri” Anaconda Defense

    (and how to crush it!)

  • The Hidden Wristlock

    Insane and unbelievable! This lock comes out of nowhere!

  • Choke Series

    Learn a nice flow of choking maneuvers

  • The Omoplata Against The Punch

    This is the right way to omoplatta a guy who is trying to punch you!

  • Killer Heel Hook Setup

    Half the trouble with getting a leglock is the setup – master that and you’ll score a lot more of them.

  • Killer Leglock Setup

    Yet another way to get a leg lock

  • Killer Leglock Setup 2

    Still another…

  • Weird Footlock

    We know we keep saying “weird” but heck – the term fits! Babu’s jiu jitsu is pretty unusual.

  • Insane Foot Crush

    This one is beyond description!

  • How To Stop the Upa and Elbow Escapes

    (just a little hip pressure trick)

  • “Crack The Nut”

    a nasty “leg binding move” to open his back up or take an arm

  • The “Face Off” Armlock – with tips on “stack prevention”

  • “The Tornado”

    An unusual submission when an opponent tries a common method of escaping side control

  • The "Leglock Hop"

    (counter when opponent blocks your mount attempt)

  • Breaking The Armlock Defense

    4 cool ways to break open the opponent’s locked arms

  • Killer Knee With Cool Bicep Crush

    Great to counter a common method of escaping

  • The Sick Calf Crush

    This one is very unusual.

  • The Wicked Leglock Setup

    We guarantee you most grapplers have never seen this move!

  • The Wicked Leglock Setup 2


  • Stopping The Choke Escape

    What to do if someone tries to escape from your choke attack

  • The Surprise Guillotine

    Babu is a master of the guillotine and likes teaching this move

  • The Kimura Trick

    A simple detail to help your kimura

  • The Nice Reversal

    Get out from being controlled

  • The Funky Rolling Kimura

    This one defies all description – you need to see it!

  • The "Frank Mir"

    A strange armlock from half guard that actually works!

“This is the same BJJ training you would get if you were actually training with Babu in Brazil.”

Perfect For Beginners! No Prior Experience Needed!

These are the same techniques and drills that Babu teaches his students in Brazil, and it’s the exact same stuff he personally has been doing for years and still does all the time.

You don’t even need any martial arts background to take this course! That’s right, you don’t even need any experience to learn from this course. It’s set up so that ANYONE can UNDERSTAND and FOLLOW the moves. 

The techniques in The Babu BJJ Mastermind are presented in a way that makes them as SIMPLE and as EASY TO LEARN as possible.

Pull up a chair in front of your television, plop these DVD’s in your player, sit back and enjoy the fact that you able to take in some of the best martial arts moves out there right in your own living room.

Look What Past Students Had To Say

BC Texas, United States
BC Texas, United States
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"I recommended any and all videos from Scott Sullivan. His experience and ability to teach material in an easy to learn way is awesome. All the videos I have ordered have been packed with outstanding information and great demonstrations of each move."
C.B. Florida, US
C.B. Florida, US
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"I Coach Muay Thai and I Love to hear the Masters of the Art! It's hard to find this much knowledge and variety anywhere out there. Short of actually traveling to Thailand, this is the next best thing!"
SW, Texas, USA
SW, Texas, USA
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"Any course offered by Scott Sullivan personally is top tier excellent and he has many top tier experts that work with him and provide the highest quality of information that you can get , all with excellent video and audio quality both DVD and online. you get all the details and camera angels to help you see what the real deal is for these martial art videos and by the best of the best instructors."
SW, Texas, USA
SW, Texas, USA
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"My name is KG and I am a 51 year old man currently living in San Diego, California. Every Muay Thai product that I have purchased from Fightinstrong has contained top notch instructions that is presented I an easy to follow format for anyone from the beginning Muay Thai student to the seasoned practitioner. If you want the finest video instruction around I would definitely choose Fightinstrong."

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