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Meet 3x NCAA All-American
Wrestler Jon Trenge

Wrestler Jon Trenge will teach you his favorite techniques and training methods in this new video series.

Jon Trenge was a 3x All-American (2nd, 2nd, 3rd) and a 3-time EIWA champion in 3 post-seasons, missing the 2001 post-season due to detached and torn retina in February.

That year, as a r/s freshman, he owned wins vs. the 2001 NCAA 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th place winners. The saga of his senior year in 2004-05 (Lehigh’s best team in more than 30 years) was converted into a popular movie, entitled: “Veritas: The Story of Jon Trenge.” His 5th place finish at the 2004 Olympic Trials is Lehigh’s highest since Bobby Weaver in 1984.

In short, Jon has competed at the highest levels and firmly carved out his place in wrestling history. His highly decorated career has won the hearts of fans and movie critics.

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“Anytime you get a chance to make your opponent a one-legged man, do it! Anytime you get a chance to lift his leg higher, do it!”

– Jon Trenge

Jon Trenge is a 3x NCAA All-American and noted wrestling coach who teaches seminars at high schools across the country.

  • How to do the circle drag

  • A complete system of arm drags and setups.

  • How to do the slap cross the hip to drag from wrist grab.

  • How to do the chop drag

  • The regrab and drag to single leg takedown.

  • The slap drag to single leg takedown

  • A complete How to do the Russian tie to an inside drag system of arm drags and setups.

  • How to regrab to drag to single leg takedown against two handed wrist grab

  • How to inside leg kick to score a far foot pick

  • How to push and pick the near foot from Russian or overhook system of arm drags and setups.

  • The inside wrist grab to inside drag and hip from collar ties

  • How to do the inside chop drag

  • How to do the inside circle drag

  • What if he posts on his head? Swat it down and inside drag!

  • The FHA drag from the elbow pull

  • The boot scoot drag to double leg from chest to chest with over hook

  • Chest to chest, over hook slides back to his wrist, to boot scoot drag and double.

  • How to use the inside leg throw from chest to chest

  • How to polish throw from chest to chest.

  • How to inside trip from chest to chest

  • How to duck under from double underhooks

  • How to master the duck under for wrestling

  • Duck the wrist side from overhooks or underhooks

  • Duck same side from underhooks

  • The FHA duck to windshield wind out to rear cradle

  • Russian tie to duck unders

  • The FHA to inside trip on the head side

  • Outside tie and wrist - how to fake a single and duck the elbow side

  • How to go from double underhooks to a foot sweep.

  • The Saitev step from underhook

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BC Texas, United States
BC Texas, United States
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"I recommended any and all videos from Scott Sullivan. His experience and ability to teach material in an easy to learn way is awesome. All the videos I have ordered have been packed with outstanding information and great demonstrations of each move."
C.B. Florida, US
C.B. Florida, US
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"I Coach Muay Thai and I Love to hear the Masters of the Art! It's hard to find this much knowledge and variety anywhere out there. Short of actually traveling to Thailand, this is the next best thing!"
SW, Texas, USA
SW, Texas, USA
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"Any course offered by Scott Sullivan personally is top tier excellent and he has many top tier experts that work with him and provide the highest quality of information that you can get , all with excellent video and audio quality both DVD and online. you get all the details and camera angels to help you see what the real deal is for these martial art videos and by the best of the best instructors."
SW, Texas, USA
SW, Texas, USA
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"My name is KG and I am a 51 year old man currently living in San Diego, California. Every Muay Thai product that I have purchased from Fightinstrong has contained top notch instructions that is presented I an easy to follow format for anyone from the beginning Muay Thai student to the seasoned practitioner. If you want the finest video instruction around I would definitely choose Fightinstrong."