Triangle 101: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering The Jiu-Jitsu Back
Triangle Choke


New "Crash Course" Teaches Your How To Become An Expert In The Most Effective Chokes In Jiu Jitsu.. In Less Than 3 Hours Flat

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Meet Professor Scott M. Sullivan

Scott M. Sullivan PhD, holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and is a third degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

He is also the is the founder and chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston TX.

A highly experienced martial arts trainer with over 30 years of teaching experience, Sullivan is also a widely recognized trainer in jiu jitsu and other martiral arts as well, having coached thousands of students all over the world.

Known for his entertaining method of teaching and strong desire to organize and simply otherwise difficult material, Dr. Sullivan’s training videos have enjoyed popularity all over the world.

Do you hate boring instructional videos? So do we! The material on our videos is not only top rank technique but it is also presented in a fun and engaging manner that is a pleasure to watch.

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A Complete Triangle Attack System For Jiu-Jitsu Fighters, Grapplers, And Other Martial Artists

Master The Key Areas Of Triangle Attacks

For example, learn how to anchor your body in such a way that you can maintain the important perpendicular angle.

Take The Back Everywhere

The collar grip is a very effective form of upper body control. It is not only very strong for back mount maintenance but also allows you to immediately threaten your opponent with a rear collar choke.

Learn Effective And Unorthodox Entries

It doesn’t matter how great you are at squeezing the choke, if you can’t set it up it won’t work. This video will give you several setups for the triangle.

Counter Common Triangle Defenses

Everyone who has trained a little jiu jitsu knows some counters to the triangle. This video will show you how to stop those common counters.

Develop A Strong Triangle Control

When you lock up your triangle you want to make sure you have a strong control over your opponent. This video will show you how.

Finish More Fights From The Triangle

This video will teach you several effective alternative finishes to use if your triangle fails.

A Complete Back Attack System For Jiu-Jitsu Fighters, Grapplers, And Other Martial Artists

  • Learn simple tips, tricks & tools anyone can use to finish more triangle chokes

  • The single most important thing you need to know when attacking with the triangle

  • The basic attack path for the triangle choke

  • How to perfect the squeeze with the triangle choke

  • How to use the "arm anchor" with the triangle choke

  • How to use the "body lock finish"

  • The 3 critical ranges you need to know when going for triangle chokes

  • The single most important thing you need to know when attacking with the triangle

  • The Straight Shot Set-Up For The Triangle

  • Pummel To Stocks Triangle Set-Up

  • The Double Tap Knee Pin Triangle Set-Up

  • The Collar Tie Leg-Through Triangle Choke

  • The Collar Tie Leg-Around Triangle Choke

  • The Irish Collar To Boston Handshake Triangle Choke

  • How to get the triangle choke from the collar tie

  • How to get The Kimura From The Triangle Choke Position

  • How to counter common posture and stack defenses

  • How To Stop The Rampage Counter To The Triangle Choke

  • How To Counter The Step-Over Defense

  • How to use a shoulder pin to get the triangle choke

  • How to get the triangle choke at different ranges

  • New ways to threaten the triangle choke

  • How to trap your opponent's arms so that you can lock up the triangle

Look What Past Students Had To Say

BC Texas, United States
BC Texas, United States
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"I recommended any and all videos from Scott Sullivan. His experience and ability to teach material in an easy to learn way is awesome. All the videos I have ordered have been packed with outstanding information and great demonstrations of each move."
C.B. Florida, US
C.B. Florida, US
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"I Coach Muay Thai and I Love to hear the Masters of the Art! It's hard to find this much knowledge and variety anywhere out there. Short of actually traveling to Thailand, this is the next best thing!"
SW, Texas, USA
SW, Texas, USA
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"Any course offered by Scott Sullivan personally is top tier excellent and he has many top tier experts that work with him and provide the highest quality of information that you can get , all with excellent video and audio quality both DVD and online. you get all the details and camera angels to help you see what the real deal is for these martial art videos and by the best of the best instructors."
SW, Texas, USA
SW, Texas, USA
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"My name is KG and I am a 51 year old man currently living in San Diego, California. Every Muay Thai product that I have purchased from Fightinstrong has contained top notch instructions that is presented I an easy to follow format for anyone from the beginning Muay Thai student to the seasoned practitioner. If you want the finest video instruction around I would definitely choose Fightinstrong."

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