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Welcome to the Fight Science Lab. As part of your recent purchase, I’d like to offer you 14 days in my Ultimate Martial Arts & Self Defense Laboratory, absolutely free. The main reason for this is that I appreciate you, and this is the absolute best guidance and support I put at your fingertips....

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I’ve helped thousands of people from around the world JUST like you build confidence in themselves and those around them.  By producing some of the easiest to use and straightforward marital arts and self defense training systems on the web.  

People come from all over the nation to my gym in Houston to train with me and share their knowledge.  This community gives me the opportunity to pass on the over 30 years of experience...

I have in self defense and combat sports as well as share training systems that some of the best in the world have developed and shared with me.
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You can’t afford to not be in the lab.  You never know when you are going to HAVE to step and protect yourself or your family against some drugged out thug.  So make sure you are prepared with if (God forbid) it ever happens.

Simply re-enter your credit card information below, so we can protect your privacy (we don’t store your info on our server,) and to let the credit card companies know you agree to be billed the low price of just $47.00 per month beginning in 14 days if you choose not to cancel.
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I know life can get busy and it is easy to for get to cancel things like this.  I don't want your money unless you are getting something out of THE LAB!

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I will give you a full "no questions asked" refund for up to 60 days of charges.  

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