Before Your Roll, Make Sure You Have These in Your Arsenal
Learn The Precise Yet Simple Techniques and Tips That Will Allow You To Choke Anyone In Your Gym When Training with a Gi
Dr. Scott Sullivan Takes You to Choke School with Gi Choke 101
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MEET Dr. Scott Sullivan

Sullivan is a highly experienced martial arts trainer with over 30 years of teaching experience. He owns an MMA Gym in Houston, Texas. Scott also holds a 2nd-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is also a widely recognized trainer in Muay Thai, having coached thousands of students all over the world.

Sullivan is also a former heavyweight kickboxing and shootboxing champion and has appeared on major fight cards in Las Vegas, Tokyo Japan, and Moscow Russia.

Despite his many accomplishments in martial arts, Sullivan’s passion is being the BEST HUSBAND, FATHER and martial arts TEACHER he can possibly be.

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Scott's level of expertise is hard to match and now YOU can benefit from his personal instruction.
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Here Is A Rundown Of Just Some Of The Material Included In This Course. You Get All Of This And More:
Gi Chokes 101
Highlights Of This Volume Include:
Gi Chokes 1 – The Cross Choke (Palms Up)
Gi Chokes 2 – The Inverted Cross Choke
Gi Chokes 3 – Cross Choke Review
Gi Chokes 4 – The Knee Pin
Gi Chokes 5 – The Cross Choke Drill
Gi Chokes 6 – The Loop Choke 1
Gi Chokes 7 – The Loop Choke 2
Gi Chokes 8 – The Loop Choke Drill
Gi Chokes 9 – The Loop Choke With Leg Control
Gi Chokes 10 – The Loop Choke With Arm Control
Gi Chokes 11 – The Ezekiel Choke 1
Gi Chokes 12 - The Ezekiel Choke 2
Gi Chokes 13 - The Ezekiel Choke 3
Gi Chokes 14 - The Ezekiel Choke 4
Gi Chokes 15 - The Ezekiel When Passing Guard 1
Gi Chokes 16 - The Ezekiel When Passing Guard 2
Gi Chokes 17 - The Clock Choke
Gi Chokes 18 - The Clock Choke 2
Gi Chokes 19 - Entering The Clock Choke
Gi Chokes 20 - Clock Choke Tips
Gi Chokes 21 - The Turtle Roll
Gi Chokes 22 - Clock Choke Variations
Gi Chokes 23 - The Tag Ezekiel
Gi Chokes 24 - The Tag Ezekiel 2
Gi ChGi Chokes 25 - The Baseball
Gi Chokes 26 - The Baseball Choke 2
    The techniques taught in Gi Choke 101 are a great way to expand your current BJJ knowledge and arsenal.

    The trainer in this series has an immense amount of experience that when taken collectively, is very hard to match.

    For this reason, this video series is a convenient and affordable way to pick up on techniques and training methods that would be difficult to acquire on your own.

    Gi Choke 101
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