Matt Lindland's Takedown & Dirty Boxing Series
Former UFC Superstar and Olympic Silver Medalist is ready to show YOU how to...
Take 'Em Down, Tie 'Em Up
and Tap 'Em Out!!!

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Even If You're...

Out Of Shape

Have Zero Fighting Experience

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Matt "The Law" Lindland Will Turn YOU Into A Grappling Master
Discover the surprisingly simple secrets to taking down and tapping out anyone who dares take you on in competition or in the streets

20 easy-to-follow video lessons

Learn in a no-pressure setting and at your own pace

Lifetime access to this in-depth training - like having Matt as your personal coach right there with you

Complete with a 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee

Series 1:  Wrestling Takedown Defense for MMA

Single leg defense turn body away

Single leg defense double wrist lock series

Single leg defense choke slam

High single leg defense bread basket choke

Single Leg sprawl take back to strikes

Single defense to crucifix series

Finish series to back take

Series 2:  Wrestling Offensive Takedowns & Dirty Boxing

Proper single leg finish on cage

Inside trip series from high single on the cage

M5-High single

Kicking Range

Punching Range

Entry off Strikes

Dirty Boxing on the Clinch

Takedown Off of Dirty Boxing

In-depth about the Instructor:
Not only is Matt Lindland a retired UFC fighter with 15 wins and only 3 losses in the most elite fighting league in the entire world... AND an Olympic Silver Medalist, but he’s also the current head coach of the USA Greco-Roman Wrestling Team.

A true power player in the fight game, Matt is famous for taking his years of world-class wrestling experience and teaching his students how to apply it to DOMINATE their competition in the Mixed Martial Arts world.  

Best of all, things like size, strength, age, or previous experience have nothing to do with your ability to MASTER these mega-skills.  

Matt has successfully mentored students of all sizes, shapes, and ages in going from complete beginner to a grappling stud. And that’s EXACTLY what he’s also going to do for you as his newest virtual student.
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